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American Adreamers

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7 Production for Immediate Release
7 Production

Welcome To The Jungle
Version American Dreamers Release

7 Production is proud to announce the first release of Welcome To The Jungle version American Dreamers on 3/5/2014.
About the American Dreamers. In you and everyone yes there is American Dreamers . We believed that all things are
Things are possible. You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind in to it that is the key.
This cover version of Welcome To The jungle performed by different artist in they own style Goldman from the west
Los Angeles, Narley Boiz from the east coast New York, Z from Chicago, & Pedro luli feat in this work. There is more to
If you’d like more information about American Dreamers please call 3236208287 or email at info@goldmanrock .comImage

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