In The Making

Out In 15 Jun 2016
The album In The Making is about my personal experience with life. All those recent past years i experience the up and down side of life. Met a lot of people, some are haters some a good people. Did find myself in some bad situation were they wasn’t a way out, have learn but my faith and my believe in GOD gave me victory over the hater. You will said that life but i will call it the journey to unknown. Beautiful is life live it enjoy every moment that your story on earth. You are in the making of your story have no fears is all temporary. Here are the songs who made it in the album
In The Making
Back Of Hater
Live Everyday Like Is Your Last
Karma Is A Bich
You Are What You Are
We Don’t Need No More War
It Is What It Is
I’m Rich
You Get On My Nerve
You Cross The Line
I’ve Got The Groove by Bruce Lev
Feel The Love
All Eyes On You
Twenty Two B
7Production 11754546_1888870198005750_6494836875612002147_o

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